Hacierco® 4.214.74

Multifunctional roof decking with a height of 74mm and a cover width of 856mm. The steel profile has a pitch of 214mm and longitudinal stiffeners in the upper flanges and in the webs. The sheet can be punctured in the top flange or perforated partially in top flange and/or web with a perforation pattern of 15%.

  • Suitable for classic applications as well as for special projects
  • Four different steel thicknesses with a weight of 8.94kg/m² to 14.90kg/m²
  • Regular spans up to 5.55m for a sheet thickness of 1.0mm at usual load
  • Multiple variations of perforation patterns to increase acoustic performance in sound absorption:
    74 SC with punctured top flange
    74 SP with 15% perforated top flange
    74 SPA with 15% perforated webs
    74 SPS with 15% flanges and webs perforation
  • Reference: DTU 43.3
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