Hacierco® 3.250.165

This long span roof deck is dedicated to a direct installation on the main structural elements like portal frames. The 165mm high steel profile permits to span from 7.30m with the lowest steel thickness up to 9.05m for the thickest sheet providing a cover width of 750mm. Eliminating typical sub-structure like purlins, the roof decking enables efficient and economical roof constructions with a fast installation process suitable for many building types.     

  • Self-weight between 11.80kg/m² and 19.60kg/m² for steel thickness between 0.75mm and 1.25mm
  • Flexible and thus economical design without any sub-structures in the roof construction
  • Suitable for any roof insulation and sealing options
  • Perforation of the profile web to increase acoustic performance and sound absorption
  • Large choice of metallic and organic coatings including ZM Evolution
  • Extended offer as complete certified roofing concept
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