D2B® Archisol®

Unique concept of prefabricated facades D2B® – Designed to Build – is a waterproof curtain wall constructive system that combines pre-assembled high performance insulating sandwich panels with an innovative mounting system and a wide range of architectural finishes. D2B® is compatible with a choice of aluminum, wood and PVC joinery both in interior wall installation and in tunnel.

Thanks to its dry and lightweight design, D2B® allows quick and easy installation, which improves on-site safety and the quality of off-site construction.

D2B® is available in two versions: D2B® Archisol® which consists of Archisol® panels ready to receive additional aesthetic cladding and D2B® Promisol® which consists of Promisol® S panels in vertical installation.

  • Maximum length: 12 000 mm
  • Maximum height: 3 520 mm
  • Acermi certified PIR foam insulation
  • Thermal resistance of the constructive system up to 9.43 m².K /W (U = 0.106 W/m².K)
  • Air permeability: Class A4 (EN 12152)
  • Water tightness: Class R6 (EN 12154)
  • Wind load (deformation): ± 1 800 Pa (EN 13116)
  • Wind load (safety): ± 2 700 Pa (EN 13116)
  • Shock resistance: M50/900J
  • Wide variety of compatible exterior skins on the Archisol® version

D2B® complies with current building and fire safety regulations and can be used in several locations and buildings where the floor of the highest level is less than 28 m, such as:

  • Individual and collective housing
  • Public Access Buildings (ERP) for up to 1 500 occupants
  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Constructions in several seismic zones and soil classes

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