Cofrastra® 40

Cofrastra® 40 is a metal floor decking with a re-entrant section for slim & light weight floor construction. It permits to build the lowest composite floor system according EN1994 using a classical pitch of 150mm for a total cover width of 750mm.

  • Cofrastra® 40 is the lowest composite floor decking in the market
  • The floor decking has a maximum of spans up to 2.70m without props and until 4.50m with props
  • The composite slab provides 10% weight reduction in comparison to a traditional prefabricated concrete slab
  • The metal floor decking can be pre-punched to pass shear connectors of the composite steel beam
  • Re-entrant section allows a fast installation of ducts and of suspended ceilings with Cofrafix system
  • Approved acoustic performance with Rw values from 46dB to 53dB up to 65dB for the special Cofrastra decibel system
  • Performing metallic coating ZMevolution®
  • Calculation software: Cofra 5
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