One more step towards sustainable industry!
03.05.2022 - Product

ArcelorMittal Construction is committed to making the necessary changes to create a more sustainable industry, our main objective is to create circular economies, clean energy and waste management strategies, for which we have created the C5 Green Commitment strategy, a strategy based on 5 stages: Clean energy, carbon savings, ecosystem conservation, supportive communities and circular economy.

By achieving the Gold level C2C Certified Material Health CertificateTM for our galvanized profiles and Bronze level for both pre-painted profiles and sandwich panels with PIR PRT Hexacore® foam, we have taken a major step towards the circular economy (one of the five pillars of the C5 Green Commitment strategy).

Cradle to Cradle certification guarantees the manufacture of more sustainable products for the circular economy. This certification evaluates the composition of our products and our commitment to avoid any harmful chemicals.