Exciting news! Our Ondatherm Deck panel has obtained the Broof T3 classification.
31.05.2024 - Product

At ArcelorMittal Construcción España, fire safety is a top priority. We are committed to ensuring that our products and solutions meet the highest standards of fire resistance. We achieve this:

  • Research and Development: Our R&D teams work tirelessly to develop materials and systems that offer exceptional fire resistance. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its performance in the event of fire.


  • Certifications and Standards: Our products are certified according to international regulations and standards. The Broof T3 rating obtained by our Ondatherm Deck panel is an example of our commitment to safety. This means that our roofing systems are designed to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of fire resistance.


  • Training and Awareness: We educate our clients, as well as our partners; architects, engineers and builders, on best practices in fire safety. We provide detailed information on proper installation, maintenance and precautions to ensure short- and long-term safety.


In short, at ArcelorMittal Construcción España, we not only manufacture high quality products, but we also ensure that they are safe and reliable. The safety of people and buildings is our top priority.